Top 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Glasses

In this article, you will know the answer to the query “Top 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Glasses“.

A unique piece of technology, Google Glass is one of the most innovative ever created.

It has been intriguing for tech enthusiasts around the world since smart glasses, which promise to help you live an active lifestyle, were first released in 2013.

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The fact that 800,000 people own a pair and that sales are predicted to reach 20 million by 2018 has probably prompted you to consider purchasing one.

Is it possible that glasses could be dangerous? are any disadvantages of smart glasses?

A recent study indicates that Google Glass may not be the savior we’ve been waiting for to make our lives easier.

Wearing Glass may negatively impact your health, even Google has warned. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of wearing Google Glass if you currently own a pair or are among the millions of people considering it.

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Top 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Glasses

First, we will discuss the advantages of google glasses, and after we will discuss the disadvantages of google glasses.

Advantages of Google Glasses

1. Users can easily send messages

Google Glasses have the primary advantage of being convenient. With no need to use your hands, you can easily send messages.

2. Show Text Messages and Emails

With Google Glass, you can see and reply to text messages and emails you receive by speaking.

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3. Makes your life easier

Technology is easier to use with glass. People who are active and use apps such as Strava Run/Cycle, GolfSight, and Google Maps are especially at risk.

Glass makes it possible to live lighter while exploring the world at the same time since it is designed for people on the move. You can look at your surroundings instead of your smartphone screen

4. User to Use Voice Commands and Hand Gesture

This amazing device can be operated using either voice commands or small hand gestures by providing users with a variety of options.

5. You’re always connected

As long as you wear Google Glass, it is always connected to the internet and available for you to use.

Whatever your needs, Google Glass is always ready to serve. Take a photo, post a status update, or use a compass; Google Glass will make things happen.

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You’ll never have to miss a moment again because you’re always online.

6. Capture The Amazing Moments of Your Life

Google Glasses have another main advantage: you can easily and effectively capture those remarkable moments in your life. It is equipped with a high-quality camera and video capabilities.

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7. User Friendliness

One of the USPs of this project is the user-friendliness and freedom it provides.

8. Language Translator

Traveling abroad may make this useful feature even more useful. Google Glass speaks out a translation of a phrase or sentence from one language to another when asked.

9. Sound of Google Glasses

As compared to headphones, vibrations are used for creating sound. Vibrations are considered less abrasive than headphones.

Bone-induction is another name for this concept. As compared to standard headphones or speakers, the sound clarity is also quite good.

Disadvantages of Google Glasses

1. Eyes Problem

A person who already has a vision problem or wears glasses every day cannot use Google Glass.

2. Not used while driving

Driving while wearing Google Glass is not an option, since the image, video or data will be in the user’s face, which may distract them.

3. Not everyone is on board

Businesses could follow the movie industry in banning Google Glass from inside the theaters. Many people are skeptical about Glass wearers because it may result in being recorded without their knowledge.

You may also be shunned for using the technology. Other people who simply “do not like” Google Glass may ridicule you as well.

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4. Easily Breakable

After all, it’s just glass and not bulletproof, so it can be broken easily.

5. Misused of Face Recognition

It might turn out that the person being tracked is offended by face recognition technology.

6. Breach in the Privacy 

A major disadvantage of Google Glass is that it has the potential to violate the privacy of the user.

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Anybody can use the video and camera without the other person’s knowledge, and any video and image can be captured without the other person’s consent.

7. Not wearable in Activities

Running, dancing or similar activities cannot be done with common glasses. Are you anticipating that these glasses would allow you to do those activities?

8. Issues

Google glasses have many issues that consumers are worried about, including cost, trackpad, social interaction, privacy, and recording.

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Top 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Glasses (Watch Video)

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