Top 8 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language

Top 8 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language

In this article, you will learn all about the “Top 8 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning English language”.

No matter where you go in the world, people can understand and speak English. English is the most widely spoken language in the world.

Having difficulties communicating with other people is very common without a language. Speaking is an important part of communicating and sharing ideas with others.

The importance of the English language in Pakistan must first be mentioned before I proceed to the problems faced by students.

Importance of English language in Pakistan

The English language is not the official language of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s official and national language is Urdu, and the people in Pakistan can speak many different languages, including Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Urdu, and Saraiki.

Pakistan has 74 other languages spoken by its people.

In 1947, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared Urdu the national language of Pakistan. However, he also accorded great importance to the English language.

From basic school level to higher university level, English is taught throughout Pakistan.

The English language is the official language of the world, so it plays a very important role for the people of Pakistan.

Higher education is most popular in foreign countries among Pakistani students. They have to learn and speak the English language fluently in order to survive in foreign countries.

Pakistani people do not speak English as their mother tongue. It’s therefore not included in Pakistani classrooms as an optional subject.

Their efforts are focused on learning the English language as a second language.

Learning a child’s mother tongue is very easy because there is no grammar or rules for learning the language. All they hear is their parents speaking to them in their native language.

However, the second language must be learned. Both of them had to work hard and face many challenges. Learning English as a second language can be very challenging.

It is my goal to discuss all the problems Pakistani students have when learning English.

Top 8 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language

From school to university, the students in Pakistan study most of their subjects in English, but the majority of them are unable to speak the language fluently.

Students face a lot of challenges in learning the English language, due to which they are not able to speak it fluently after 16 years of study.

The next part of my essay contains a discussion of all the difficulties students encountered in learning English. I will also give suggestions on how to overcome those problems.

1. Bad Study Environment

In order to learn the English language successfully, the environment plays an important role.

When learning the English language, a lot of students face this problem. A disturbed and irrelevant environment interferes with a student’s study process.

Most of the time, the classroom environment is not conducive to English learners.

During class time, some of the students may be communicating with each other, which disturbs the rest of the class.

The teacher’s responsibility is to maintain a calm classroom environment and keep disturbances to a minimum.

It is important for teachers to create an environment in which students feel comfortable and can ask questions and learn new things.

It is impossible to learn if you don’t feel comfortable, as students will feel more motivated and feel more comfortable if the environment is good.

2. Using Different Native Languages in the Classroom

This sort of problem usually arises among Pakistani students in the English Language Classroom.

English is one of the most popular languages among rural students who mostly speak their native languages.

Due to their habit of speaking their native language during class, they speak their native language during the class instead of English.

Learning the English language is the biggest challenge for students. Because of this, they can’t concentrate on trying to speak the language.

As a result, the English learning process is ruined.

3. Students Don’t Take Their Study Seriously

Many of the students had little interest in learning the English language. Learning the language was not of interest to them.

It is due to their parents’ force that they come here.

Students take the study of English as a joke because they do not fit in the English language education system.

In the classrooms, they were noisy and made other kinds of noises during the lectures, which caused the other students to drift off and all the effort put into learning English was wasted.

4. Unqualified Teachers Teaching English Language

Having an unqualified teacher teach the English language is the biggest problem students face in learning the language.

There are mainly no English language teachers in Pakistan.

Saving money often leads to hiring unqualified teachers. Teachers who do not have specialized knowledge of English are also hired.

Since they didn’t have knowledge about how to teach the English language, they taught the students the wrong way.

Due to this, students were unable to learn in a proper way and the entire process of learning the English language was ruined.

5. Students Dependent on Teacher

Most Pakistani students depend on their teachers for their education. There is nothing they can do on their own. They simply follow what their teachers instruct them to do.

It is sometimes the teachers who do not teach the right things or the things they should be doing.

As a result, students did not continue to learn new facts. The only facts that students learned were the facts they were taught by their teachers.

6. The High Strength of the Class

Additionally, the strength of the class makes it difficult for students to learn English. Having a high student enrollment in a class leads to disturbances in the class and a lack of learning.

Furthermore, teachers cannot manage the high number of students in the class and cannot teach the students effectively.

The high number of students in the classrooms made noise during lectures and disturbed all the students.

In addition, the English language learning process is ruined.

7. The wrong Syllabus Follow in Teaching English Language

For most schools, colleges, and universities in Pakistan, there is no official syllabus for teaching the English language.

A teacher who has the expertise, a syllabus that is appropriate, and a suitable environment are all essential for the study. The learning process cannot continue without any of them.

A syllabus is required for learning English or for any other educational purpose.

8. The Parent Didn’t Encourage

Many students experience this difficulty when learning the English language.

They were not encouraged or supported by their parents to learn English. As a result, they make their children busy with different tasks.

These people are forced to work and make money or they are forced to do the work.

Ultimately, parents have to encourage and support their children in their educational pursuits.

In my discussion of the challenges students faced when learning English, the above points were raised.

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