Top 10+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Television for Students

Top 10+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Television for Students

This article breaks down the “Top 10+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Television for Students” including its history and uses. We will also talk about television. What television is?

What is Television and Its History?

A television system broadcasts images and sounds of moving objects. Science has created a wonderful invention with television. In the 1920s, an inventor from Scotland named J. L. Bayard invented it. 

As TV evolved, it was different from what we see today. The development of television continued until 1940 when full-scale electronic television was invented. At the time, these televisions were known as CRTs. These days, LED televisions are popular.

Whenever we watch television, it appears that something is happening live, or that something is happening right in front of our eyes. It is the most preferred source of entertainment and news for the public. Telephony and entertainment are popular forms of communication. 

In Pakistan, television is found in nearly all houses, whether they are in cities or villages. As a result of the invention of television, people are able to do many things that were previously impossible.

Beginning with black and white films, images, and videos, it has become possible to see images in real color and clarity after the development of technology. With the help of communication satellites, a wide variety of programs can be transmitted from their studios. 

Currently, broadcasting is digital, so we are able to see images and videos in their actual color and design. Many countries have diverse television broadcasting centers.

Broadcasting Packages & Channels

There are a variety of TV packages available depending on the budget. With so many channels available on TV round the clock and so much crowd, we could say that now people are confused when choosing which channels are popular. 

Prior to now, there was only one government channel in Pakistan, Pakistan Television (PTV), but today, over 200 hundred private and state-run channels are available on television. 

Depending on the level of customer, the packages are priced differently. An individual can choose the channel according to their preferences and the package can be customized to minimize unnecessary costs. 

Now, every house has a television. Watching different channels is made possible through the cable wire connected to the antenna. Television channel providers are available in the market. A variety of channels is available, and their fees are based on their tariff. 

DTH direct to home has replaced cable connections, allowing us to watch a wide variety of programs without a cable connection. A set-top box replaced the cable box for DTH services. Using the country’s satellite, this set box picks up signals of channels.

Top 10+ Advantages & Disadvantages of Television

The Advantages of Television:

In technology, we are moving forward rapidly. Technology has an impact on every human being on earth. Television is one of the great gifts of technology. The TV has both advantages and disadvantages, like other machines and inventions. 

Viewers of television are also aware of the benefits, losses, and uses of the medium. People are so addicted to watching television, especially children and adults, that they cannot ignore it. In the following paragraphs, we discuss its benefits.

1. For Entertainment:

Adults and children can both enjoy television’s variety of entertainment. If we choose serials, plays, and films, as well as a series of games and sports matches, we can create a good show.

There are many types of entertainment available on television, such as music, movies, and many others. Television provides mind and body relaxation.

2. Learning New Things:

Various fields can be learned from television. There is a lot of knowledge and information about education and technology in educational programs, creative shows, and competitive programs. We have become accustomed to watching shows, serials, and programs as part of our everyday life.

3. For News of the World:

Television has become the main, fastest, and most accessible medium for spreading news. A variety of news, including the economy, industry, politics, and sports, can be provided with pictures and video clips with speed and ease.

From their houses, people can monitor the actual state of any issues, incidents, or accidents.

4. Unity of Family Increase:

It may seem absurd to you, but television is the only place in the house where everyone can sit together. During a family gathering, everyone can speak honestly and openly in an enjoyable mood.

There are a number of issues that can be resolved if they discuss together, and television is the only place where the entire family can watch together and talk openly.

5. Best Time Pass:

It is extremely important for people to watch television, especially for old people or those who have a lot of free time. Some retirees feel bored and alone after leaving a job or their parents, and it is hard for them to give their time.

When old and alone, television is the best companion. There is no doubt that television is a good time pass and entertainment source for old people, but it is also a good pastime for children, teenagers, and even students.

6. Development of Personality:

Students and children are exposed to a variety of different programs, sports matches, and intellectual debates that encourage their development. Only through television can people learn new methods of doing things.

The huge international and national games, like Olympic games, national championships, Commonwealth games, etc. increase students’ awareness of sports and games.

7. Awareness & Knowledge of Different Languages:

Furthermore, we can also learn about the new styles of various regions, states, and countries through television. Consequently, we gain a broader understanding of this field. 

Until the television revolution and its regional channels, there were only local languages available, but now there are many serials and shows being broadcast in different languages.

8. Different Culture Awareness:

If we keep TV aside, we will have no better way of learning and watching about these cultures in Pakistan or in the entire world. 

The market today has a wide range of channels that show the cultural activities of different places and different languages, as well as different religions and beliefs.

9. Cheap Source of Entertainment:

Each category of people in society can find entertainment through television. Although televisions have become more expensive, they are available in the market is very advanced and costly models. 

Nonetheless, there are also a variety of inexpensive televisions that cater to middle-class and lower-class customers. At the very least, there is television entertainment for lower-class customers.

10. Health Benefits:

As long as we are entertained, laughing, and discussing, then our internal systems will improve, and our health will improve as well. Human health and well-being are enhanced by sports, entertainment, and extracurricular activities.

11. Motivation Increase:

Different channels are launching several programs every day that people and students can participate in, such as quiz competitions, general knowledge shows, and educational shows. By watching them, people are inspired and motivated to emulate them. Additionally, they are able to develop their personalities and careers.

12. Expand the Mind:

As a motivator and educator, television has now surpassed all other media. In addition to group discussions, technology development, breaking news, and fresh information, economic development, and many others, there are many educational channels. Moreover, the mindset is also constantly changing.

13. Religious Awareness:

Several channels have been launched dedicated to the religious news, seminars, programs and gathering, preaching, and teachings.

Every member of any religion and belief can see the different programs and of varying faith increase their knowledge. It is a significant advantage of television. 

By sitting at home, only people can know the holy things and teachings and lectures of the leaders and saints. Some people, and old-aged people, especially they watch tv for the only religious purpose to watch their favorite religious channels.

Disadvantages of Television:

For entertainment and information, almost every household has a television set these days. There are many advantages to watching television, as we discussed previously.

There are also some disadvantages to TV, in addition to the many benefits. It has adverse side effects that cannot be ignored. We are adversely affected by these side effects both physically and mentally. 

We will examine the disadvantages of watching television point-by-point in this article.

1. Negative Effect on Health:

There are health risks associated with watching television. Watching television mostly has this adverse effect on kids the most. Our most frequent health-related problems as a result of watching TV include body pains, back pains, and eye irritations.

The majority of people in every house watch full television while sitting on the sofa or on a chair. Children and adults don’t play outside or do any sports activities for this reason. 

Watching cartoon channels has become a compulsion for kids. This makes them increasingly irritable.  Kids who watch long hours of television are more likely to become obese. While eating and drinking, kids prefer to sit rather than walk afterward.

2. Wastage of Time:

Children and adults can find joy and entertainment in watching television, but excessive viewing of television is harmful to them. The entire family gathers in the television room if any popular serial or program is on TV.

The majority of time-wasting takes place while watching useless programs or serials. During the examination time, children often watch television.

3. Lack of Meeting with Families:

In the case of television and its popular channels, families and kids avoid meeting at the time of their favorite programming. In sports seasons and certain television programs, people who love to watch TV don’t want to leave the house as they want to sit in front of the screen.

Due to this, the distance between the two families increases. Thus, television is not as good as people prioritize it over other forms of entertainment.

Adverse effects on children and kids – There are various programs broadcasted that have no relevance to children’s mentality as per their age. Kids adopt the wrong approach to studying and careers due to these types of plans. 

4. Encourage The Disputes:

Families are experiencing new conflicts and arguments as a result of television. There are some shows that have a negative impact on the minds of males and females, leading to a change in their thinking. Due to these changes, they find themselves forced to fight, resulting in unexpected disputes.

5. Addiction to Cartoons:

There is a severe problem with cartoon channels as kids and children are addicted to watching them. Children sit on the sofa for long periods of time without feeling hungry or tired. All they do is watch cartoons. 

Children don’t play as much because of this, which results in fewer physical activities. A lot of parents are concerned and anxious about their children’s addiction to this habit. This habit has a detrimental impact on their mental development.

6. The Negative Impact of a False Advertisement:

The number of people watching false advertisements on television is growing day by day. Television is filled with advertisements. The advertisement also promotes a variety of local and branded products. 

Children and kids have a very different mindset and rule set than the advertisements they see. Therefore, they prefer only that item, no matter what bothers them.

While some advertisements are aimed at adults only when they sit with children, the mind is disturbed and they change from their career or studies.

Conclusion of Advantages and Disadvantages of Television for Students

Considering the above discussion and analysis of television utility, advantages, and disadvantages, we conclude that television is an important invention. If not used properly, television can cause many side effects. 

Kids and children should be more conscious about using the Internet as there should be a balance between the right and wrong types of programs. It is harmful if it is used beyond its limits and improperly.

We have discussed above in detail the advantages and disadvantages of television for students.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this article. I will respond as soon as I can.

I hope you find this article useful.

Thank you for reading.

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