10+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology on Youth in Society

10+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology on Youth in Society

In this article, I will tell you about the “advantages and disadvantages of modern technology on youth in society”.

Nowadays everywhere uses of modern technology in every field like; Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, etc. so there must have advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Technology makes our work so easy in our life in different fields. There is no field where technology is not involved.

We are using technology everywhere but we didn’t know about what technology is? How it’s working? Does technology is good for us? Does technology affect our lives?

Everything has advantages and disadvantages in every field.

Every human must be aware of the modern technology that we are using in our daily life.

We think about the positive effects of modern technology that we are using in our daily lives, but we should also think about the negative effects of modern technology.

When we use modern technological devices in every field so we must think about their bad effects.

Advantages and disadvantages of modern technology on youth in society:

So now we will talk in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology on youth in the society.

So first we will talk about the benefits of modern technology on the youth in the society. Because everyone should be aware of the latest technology and the tools we are using in our daily lives.

Advantages of modern technology on youth in society:

Now we are discussing the advantages of modern technology on youth in society step by step:

I) Technology Artificial Intelligence:

Nowadays, every technology consists of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the upcoming modern technology. Everything will be based on artificial intelligence.

Everything will depend on artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence? In fact, scientists make them look like humans, they can make decisions and act like humans.

Now artificial intelligence will work for man. There is no need for man to think about his work, artificial intelligence will do everything and knows better what to do and how to do it.

II) Technology Improved Housing and Lifestyle:

Technology plays a very important role in human life. Daily technology gives them new ideas to make things easier for humans.

If we compare today’s technology with 15 years ago, it will be very different from the past and you will be amazed at how technology has changed so fast.

Every day man works on technology to make it more modern and technology gives man ideas for new inventions.

III) Technology Solar Electrical Power:

What is solar? Solar generates electricity from the sun’s heat and light.

The solar system is the new technology that converts sun heat and light by the modern machines to electricity and stores it.

A solar system is a new and pollution-free technology.

The solar system is a new technology that is pollution-free as compared to others, the electric generator when used it produces noise pollution and air pollution.

The biggest advantage of the solar system is that it is free from pollution and that is why most people nowadays use the solar system and in the coming days will be fully on the solar system.

Solar systems are now used everywhere, such as factories, homes, cars, even industries now use the solar system for electricity.

IV) Technology used for purchasing and selling:

Purchasing and selling are now easy on the internet where people can sell and purchase easily on the internet.

There are some websites where u can buy and sell what u want like;  eBay, Alibaba, Daraz, etc.

All the websites are based on eCommerce where you can buy or sell the product. If you want to buy the product you will purchase it and they will deliver it to you by courier at home.

If you want to sell the product you can sell on websites so easily within a few hours. They no need to go to the market for selling his phone.

Also, there are some websites for foods, you can buy foods from the website online like; vegetables, fast foods, and fruits from home u can easily order and it will deliver in a few minutes and then you can enjoy in-home.

V) Technology for Disable Peoples to Make Them Able:

Artificial intelligence invents machines for people with disabilities where they can speak, run and work if they become disabled with their hands, feet, and eyes.

Artificial technology makes for their hands now they can work.

Artificial technology makes for them feet where they can run and even they can participate in running championships.

Artificial technology makes for their devices which if they do not speak now he can speak by the gesture devices which is detect and convert to the message.

If they are blind the artificial technology devices work for them to detect the way for the blind people.

VI) Technology Cause Cost Deficiency:

The main goal of technology is to reduce cost deficiency. Technology makes the devices and machines reduce the cost.

Technology machinery or devices work for the peoples which is reduce the cost of workers which is required for the work.

The heavy work cannot be done fast and easily by human workers but the technology machines work heavy and fast and are more reliable than humans.

VII) Technology Used in Transportation:

Now transportation is fully based on technology. We can travel in a few hours from one place to another place so fast and comfortable.

If we take from cycle to airplane everything is based on technology. We can travel so easily and fast by airplane from one country to another country. Airplanes cover the distance 3500km in 5 hours if we take care and consider as road maybe it will take one week to cover this distance.

We can imagine if there was no technology so how difficult for us in travel.

How technology makes travel easier for us.

VIII) Technology Used for Entertainment:

Technology also works in entertainment. Many devices are made for recreation.

Some devices are specially made for entertainment:

  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • VR games
  • Play stations
  • Cameras

Except for these devices, there are more devices for entertainment.

These devices are made for the entertainment which peoples enjoy with these devices.

IX) Technology Used for Communication:

Nowadays communication through technology is very easy. We can easily communicate with other people around the world.

There are some devices to use for communication.

  • Computer
  • Mobile

1: computer: we are communicating with our relatives through computers all over the world so easily.

2: Mobile: Mobile is a very common tool that people use to communicate. Anyone can hold this device anywhere and anytime as it is a mini device and portable we can communicate via the internet.

Before the communication devices communication was very difficult with friends and relatives.

All communication was based on letters. The sending letter takes a lot of time and was charged money to send.

When devices came the communication was so easy and now everybody uses these devices and communicates through video calls and voice calls on less amount.

X) Technology Benefits to the Health Industry:

Pharma industry and hospitals use Technology for many purposes. Every hospital uses x-ray machines ultrasound and dental machines these are the technology devices that use the doctor during analysis.

These devices give help to the doctor during analysis these devices work fast and detect any diseases inpatient. So its helps to the doctors in operations and other treatments.

Now every hospital uses the new modern technology for treatments.

XI) Technology Used in Technology:

In the field of agriculture, technology plays a very important role.

Nowadays uses different technological machines for forming. Now the forming becomes so easy.

Different kinds of machines using for the forming tractor, Planters, and harvesters.

Technology makes the work easy for the formers now they can do more and more work in less time and cost.

XII) Technology Used for the Education:

In the education field technology keeps a very important role. I can say that there is no such field where technology is not involved.

With the presence of technology now the student and teacher can easily study and teach. This is an advantage for both of them.

How can students and teachers benefit from technology? So we can say that now every university, school, or college uses multimedia for the student, this is the type of technology.

Now online classes everywhere have started to teach the student from home and the teacher teaches from home. This is the technology that makes work easier for us.

Technology in education motivates the student to learn more about new technology and then apply it in his life to invent new technology.

XIII) Technology Saves our Precious Time:

Scientists work on technology the save time and cost for the human.

Everything was difficult before technology. There was no way to save our time.

Everything is easier after technology, now we can save our time with high-speed technology. Transportation we can easily get anywhere by car in a few hours.

With mobile phones, we can communicate with our relatives around the world in just a few minutes.

So this technology through which we save our time.

XIV) Technology Easy Access to Information:

Technology’s easy access to information means that we can access the Internet anywhere, anytime.

For example; we need any kind of information that we can find on Google. Google is a search engine of any kind of information so Google provides us with the information we want in thousands of one-minute articles.

Everything is on Google or on the Internet. Whatever comes to your mind you can find thousands of results.

So this is technically easy access to information.

XV) Banking through Modern Technology:

Today’s banks are totally dependent on technology. If we talk about their security, trans-section, etc.

We can transfer money from one place to another through a banking app, no need to go to a physical place and stand in lines.

If we talk about the transaction with ATM machines. It is very easy to withdraw your payment through an ATM machine. No need to go to the bank and wait for a long time.

Now there is no need to keep paying in your pocket you can in account and withdrawal anywhere easily.

This is the technology used in banks.

Disadvantages of modern technology on youth in society:

Now we will discuss the disadvantages of modern technology on youth society.

I) Security issues in using the technology:

Today’s we are using technology everywhere and in every field. We know that technology has advantages but we don’t technically have also disadvantages.

If we use the automatic car there occur some technical problem so we cannot solve the issue by itself. You will go to a professional mechanic and solve the problem. Maybe there was no mechanics of your automated car then you will stand in the way and cannot push the car from one place to another.

If you are using any machine. If there is any problem occur so the time and cost both will be wasted.

So this is the disadvantage of technology.

II) Disadvantage of technology in the study:

How can the technology affect the study? Technology effect study by the new technological devices or websites.

Every student uses social media for example WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It’s all a waste of time.

The student cannot study through these apps all the time. If we talk about the devices so we can say that the main device is game equipment’s paly stations etc.

The children use these play stations for the game and do not take interest in studying.

These all the technology different devices were effect on the study.

So this is the main disadvantage of technology.

III) Disadvantage of technology in people Health:

Every people uses technology but they don’t know how technology affects their health.

If we talk about the mobile and computer every one using these two devices. But they don’t know these are affecting their health.

Some health issues occur by technology in people’s health.  Some are given below:

  • Eyesight
  • Brain Cancer
  • Weight gain
  • Asthma Problem
  • Skin cancer

These are all mentioned which is effecting by the technology.

IV) Addiction to Technology of the people:

Todays all in the world everyone is addicted to their mobile phone or computer.

Everybody using mobile and computer very where if look to the children’s, women’s, manes.

Everyone down their heads on mobiles. Someone talks to them, they don’t listen.

Day or night all time will use the phones and computers.

So this is the disadvantage of technology.

V) Technology Causes Environmental problem:

Technology makes us environmental problems also by the different machines which is used in industries they affect our surrounding. Some points I am going to write below for more explanation.

  • Air Pollution: Industries create dangerous gases in the environment everybody effects by the dangerous gases and took them into different diseases. Producing by the polluted air human beings and other living things get different problems like a lake of oxygen in the body and other diseases.
  • Noise Pollution: Technology made different things for example; music equipment’s, vehicles, different horns these all the noisy things. These things make the environment noisy and people are irritated by the noisy things.
  • Water Pollution: The pharmaceutical industry produces contaminated water using technical machines that contaminate river water during medical supplements.


These are the reasons why technology is bad for students in education. So, hopefully, you have learned a lot from the article.

if you have any questions about this article feel free to contact me or ask in a comment. I will give you a response soon as possible.

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