Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Technology in Healthcare

Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Technology in Healthcare

The purpose of this article is to explain the “advantages and disadvantages of medical technology in healthcare”.

In this article, you’ll learn about the technology used in different fields and how it works.

A look at how technology impacts students, patients, and doctors. Now, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of medical technology in healthcare.

Let me give you a taste of medical technology’s significance before we move toward its advantages and disadvantages.

Why Is Technology Important in Healthcare?

Technology plays a very important role in our lives. It is involved in almost every aspect of our lives.

Humans use technology to make their work easier. Each day, technology invents more modern technological devices.

Consider the technology involved in the medical field. For patient care, there are a lot of devices for medical healthcare.

Some devices used by doctors include insulin pumps, digital thermometers, blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, wireless brain sensors, smart inhalers, etc. They are used to treat patients.

Using modern technology, doctors are now able to treat patients easily.

It is easy for them to find diseases and start treating them accordingly.

Until the invention of technological devices, it was very difficult for doctors to diagnose and treat patients according to their diseases.

With the inventions and developments of medical technologies, it became very easy for them to diagnose problems or diseases and provide patients with the proper treatment they need.

So, in medicine, and especially in healthcare, technology plays an essential role. In the medical industry, technology has a number of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Technology in Healthcare

In this article, I will examine some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of medical technology. We will examine both the positive and negative impact modern technology has on our lives.

The following are some of the disadvantages of medical technology:

Disadvantages of Medical Technology

Medical technology has the following disadvantages:

1. Increased Cost of the Treatment for the Patients

A disadvantage of medical technology is that it increases the cost of treatment.

Almost all of the treatments and surgeries involving technology are very expensive, like robotic surgery and other kinds of technological machinery operations.

Rural patients are mostly poor and come from rural areas. They cannot afford to pay for expensive surgeries.

While technology increased access to health care, its cost also increased. As a result, many patients do not have the means to pay for health care.

2. Show the Wrong Result of the Patient’s Condition

One of the drawbacks of medical technology is that technological devices or machinery can sometimes produce incorrect results. Occasionally, it didn’t show the doctor the correct results of the patients.

Engineers and programmers create technological machines. Errors are sometimes present in them. As a result, the machine did not function properly.

If it shows the wrong result and the doctor gives the wrong diagnosis to the patients then it takes the patient’s life into danger.

One of the main risks associated with medical technology is.

3. Lack of Information of the Patients

One of the problems with medical technology is the lack of patient privacy. Patients’ privacy is protected by law. For instance, hospitals want to make sure they are following the US HIPAA privacy rules.

This creates a conflict with another law.

When information about patients is not stored securely, it can be leaked to other sources.

Computers for storing patient information have been a hot topic in the modern world, and security is no exception. It is possible for computer hackers to leak or change inaccurate information about treatment.

An AI can completely change a patient’s treatment history, which is one of the main risks. Without their knowledge, this could impact their future treatments.

4. Time-Consuming in Recovery

Engineers and programmers make the technological machines and gadgets used in hospitals for treatments and check-ups of patients

It is possible for there to be some errors or faults. Consequently, no one can fix it because they don’t know how to fix or recover that machine.

It requires a specific person with knowledge of it. That person would be the engineers. This person could fix the problem.

As a result, it takes a long time to fix and fix the machines.

5. Damaging Cells and Organs of the Body of the Patients

Laser surgery has become very popular in recent years. Is this something that contains a lot of negative side effects for the body?

It is possible to damage the cells of the body with lasers. It can damage our body’s internal organs, such as the liver, heart, and spleen, which is dangerous.

6. Patients Online Treatment Through Technology

Today, doctors offer online treatments. The patients contact the doctors online and suggest the diagnosis they want to take.

It is not necessary for patients to visit the doctors’ clinics. At their homes they can receive treatment.

Doctors diagnose their patients without ever checking their medical history or analyzing their symptoms. These diagnoses can be wrong and can lead to serious health issues for the patient.

7. Automatic Machine Treatment

It consists of installing a machine inside the body of the patient. The system analyzes the patient’s body and inserts the medicines according to the patient’s condition.

There may be some errors and bugs with these machines because they are made by programming.

As a result, it could lead to a wrong diagnosis being placed in the patient’s body.

Because of this, the patient’s condition became critical, which led to his death.

Advantages of Medical Technology

To begin, let me explain each advantage of medical technology.

1. Communication Systems in Healthcare Hospitals

Many devices are available for patients to contact their doctors or nurses. The devices are usually placed in a patient’s room or ward in a hospital.

These devices can be pressed by patients in case of an emergency. They can indicate when doctors and nurses should arrive for the patient.

For patients and doctors, this is one of the biggest advantages of technology. It makes the doctor’s task easier since he or she can reach the patients without wasting time.

2. Technology Improving Healthcare in Hospitals

There are many technological devices and equipment that have improved healthcare and treatment.

The portable defibrillator, the drug management technology, the MRI system, and the electronic IV monitors are some of the new technological devices that have improved patients’ healthcare.

3. Electronic Health Records of Patients in Hospitals

Nowadays, patients’ medical records are kept on computers. The complete health records of patients are usually kept on computers in hospitals or with specialists.

Health records for patients are stored in databases or on cloud servers.

The computerized system is faster than paper records. It takes less time and is more accurate.


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